New York Times November 3 2018 Crossword Answers

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New York Times November 3 2018 Crossword Answers

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  • ‘Crime and Punishment’ setting
  • ‘Do something funny!’
  • ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ Oscar nominee
  • ‘Full Frontal With Samantha Bee’ network
  • ‘I Am ___’ (2013 best-selling autobiography)
  • ‘Seriously?!’
  • 1998 Paul Simon/Derek Walcott musical, with ‘The’
  • Addictive pain reliever
  • Apple ___
  • Baby during its first four weeks
  • Capital of the U.S. from 1785 to 1790, in brief
  • Chest part, informally
  • Classic blues song with the line ‘I’d rather be dead than to stay here and be your dog’
  • Classified
  • Company that once had tremendous ‘quarterly’ profits?
  • Dark and forbidding
  • Deals
  • Exorcism, e.g
  • First name of two Wimbledon winners in the 1980s and ’90s
  • Go along with
  • Graduate of a Red Cross training course, for short
  • Hobble
  • International treaty subject
  • Intolerant
  • Jaguar’s coat, e.g
  • Le Pen pal?
  • Less stressed
  • Light crimson
  • Little put-down
  • Lovingly, in scores
  • Low
  • MacFarlane of ‘American Dad!’
  • Members of familles
  • Millennials, by another name
  • Morale-boosting grp
  • Nick name
  • One letting you know before going for a bite?
  • One-footed creature
  • Ones not calling the shots?
  • Ordinary joe
  • Part of R.S.V.P
  • Party leader
  • Political organization
  • Press secretary who inspired C. J. Cregg of ‘The West Wing’
  • Rapper with the 5x platinum album ‘… And Then There Was X’
  • Resists change
  • Shepherds, in the Bible
  • Showed signs of congestion, maybe
  • Singer in Jewish services
  • Small part
  • Some malicious programs
  • South Pole discoverer Amundsen
  • Sporty Pontiac of old
  • Stuck
  • Thick, as toilet tissue
  • Tried to follow
  • Tucker out, in a way
  • U.S. women’s soccer star Megan ___
  • When to start on a course
  • Word with game or building
  • [Yawn]
  • ___-de-sac