New York Times January 12 2019 Crossword Answers

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New York Times January 12 2019 Crossword Answers

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  • Game players?
  • Bob of “Home Again”
  • Domineered
  • Genesis patriarch
  • Grammy-winning group whose name is an homage to the Monkees
  • ___ Reader’s Encyclopedia (classic literary reference)
  • Squad on a slope
  • Best man for a wedding?
  • Sixth of five?
  • Nickname for Adrianus
  • Courtroom outburst
  • In-house service?
  • ___ Croft, comic book heroine
  • Perform extremely well, in sports lingo
  • Hawaiian pizza topping
  • Greta of “The Player”
  • Rattle holder
  • Ironic exclamation of amazement
  • A scarf might cover it
  • Annual awards show since 1993
  • “Shoot!”
  • First name in design
  • Lotion abbr.
  • Roman magistrate’s attendants
  • Cowboys or Vikings
  • New York city west of Binghamton
  • Cubic ___ (synthetic gemstone)
  • Something that’s secretive
  • “This is too much!”
  • Single, say
  • Tumults
  • Collectible caps
  • Call up
  • Pass on
  • Genre for Oasis and Blur
  • Practiced
  • French Quarter city, familiarly
  • Ones who help people get their acts together?
  • States, informally
  • Music’s Milli ___
  • Uranus or Neptune
  • Don Juan
  • Part of a science journal
  • “Seinfeld” nickname
  • Part of an equestrian’s outfit
  • Sports Illustrated named it #1 in its “100 Greatest Moments in Sports History”
  • Stock owner
  • Deliberate
  • “The list goes on”
  • Oratory obstacle
  • Horses kick with them
  • Texas city on Route 66
  • 1980s arcade game
  • Kind of zoo
  • Cardiac contraction
  • Whiles away
  • Barely registering
  • Onetime California fort
  • Judging by
  • Medium bra spec
  • Some gym gear
  • Face difficulty?